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China-haters' hypocrisy knows no boundary

The hysterical outburst of China-haters over the country's move to close the national security loophole in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was to be expected.

Hong Kong needs law to protect national security

Finally, National Security Law for Hong Kong!

Relief for Hong Kong housing woes?

Should there be a cooling off period?

Is Britain's 'Golden Age' with China over?

On May 23, British government officials told The Daily Telegraph that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now changed his mind on Huawei's participation in Britain's 5G internet network.


Pompeo betrays Christianity with lies

Lying, cheating, stealing, and stirring up enmity, by his actions Pompeo resembles a pseudo-Christian, betraying Christianity.


US CDC acknowledges mixing data of viral, antibody tests

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged it had mixed together results from COVID-19 viral and antibody tests on its website, according to US media reports.


China should not be the focus of 2020 US presidential elections

The year 2020 will pose the biggest challenge to China since the launch of reform and opening-up. To begin with, since its GDP shrunk 6.8 percent year-on-year in the first quarter due to the novel coronavirus outbreak...


U.S. "demonization" of China might put itself in financial peril

Insulting and demonizing China, the second largest creditor of the United States, just for domestic political reasons sure doesn't seem like the way to go about it, as it would instead put America in financial predicament, the Washington Post said on Friday.


China's COVID-19 vaccine trial shows promising results

China's COVID-19 vaccine trial, the first such vaccine to reach phase 1 clinical trial, has been found to be safe, well-tolerated, and able to generate an immune response against SARS-COV-2 in humans, according to a study published online on Friday by medical journal The Lancet.


Limiting recurrence of sexual crime

How to keep sex offenders away from jobs that will bring them into contact with ...


Parents learn lessons with kids home 24/7

In China, "mythical creature" is a term of endearment usually used to describe naughty toddlers or troublesome schoolchildren whose antics drive their parents crazy.


The Lancet refutes Trump's WHO letter

A prestigious medical journal has refuted claims made by US President Donald Trump in a letter that criticized the World Health Organization's response to the coronavirus pandemic and threatened permanent funding cuts.


National reunification cannot be stopped by any force

National reunification is critical to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and cannot be stopped by anyone or any force, a mainland spokesperson said Wednesday....


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